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Cruise Excursions Alaska in 2023 - 20 Unforgettable Things to Do !

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Cruise Excursions Alaska in 2023 - 20 Unforgettable Things to Do

Planning a cruise to Alaska in 2023? Get ready for a journey of a lifetime! With breathtaking scenery and endless adventures, it's no wonder why Alaska is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. From whale watching to glacier hiking, there's something for everyone to enjoy on these cruise excursions.

But what can you expect from your Alaskan cruise experience? While every trip is unique, there are certain things you can prepare for to ensure you have the best time possible. In this guide, we'll explore 20 unforgettable things to do on your Alaska cruise excursion, giving you the inside scoop on how to make the most of your adventure.

Cruise Excursions Alaska in 2023 - 20 Unforgettable Things to Do
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  • Soak up nature: from your own private balcony aboard your Alaska cruise ship.
  • Go dogsledding: and explore Denali National Park by land.
  • Get up close and personal with a brown bear: while viewing them in the wild.
  • Play a game on an ice rink: made from fresh sea ice in Glacier Bay.
  • Take a dip in a mineral hot spring: and let the waters soothe your aches and pains.
  • Sip on locally brewed craft beers: while taking a tour of a renowned Alaska brewery.
  • Explore a rugged shoreline: and discover wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Enjoy a feast: of fresh seafood at a local waterside market.
  • Hop on board a high-speed boat: for some adventurous whale watching.
  • View the Northern Lights: from a cruise ship deck and marvel at their beauty.
  • Sample: some of the world-famous Alaskan salmon served in rustic eateries.
  • Brave a helicopter ride: to experience an aerial view of dramatic coastal canyons.
  • Attend an outdoor concert: featuring traditional Alaskan folk music.
  • Navigate your way through icy sea passages: and listen to a glacier calving.
  • Get a taste of some of the local culture: and visit a traditional Native American village.
  • Visit one of Alaska’s world-renowned national parks: and marvel at its stunning scenery.
  • Kayak: throughout picturesque bays, lagoons and fjords.
  • Shop around historic downtown areas: and find unique Alaskan souvenirs.
  • Visit Kenai Fjords National Park: to experience untouched glaciers and fjords.
  • Embark on a scenic flight: and spy on some of the continent’s tallest mountain ranges.

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What are the must-see sights in Alaska during a cruise excursion?

  • Kenai Fjords National Park: Featuring spectacular glacier-filled fjords and dozens of wildlife species, Kenai Fjords is one of the most beautiful parts of Alaska and a must-see sight during your cruise excursion.
  • Inside Passage: The Inside Passage is a network of narrow passages between a mountain range that runs along the northwest coast of North America. During your cruise, you will be able to take in the majestic beauty of the area and its abundant wildlife.
  • Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve: Glaciers, mountains, and beautiful coastlines, all make the Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve one of the most beautiful areas in Alaska. During your cruise, you will be able to experience its beauty firsthand.
  • Kodiak Island: This island is often referred to as the "Emerald Isle" due to its lush, green vegetation and abundant wildlife. During your cruise, you will have the chance to observe and explore the island's rich biodiversity.
  • Denali National Park and Preserve: Located in the heart of Alaska, Denali National Park and Preserve features some of the most breathtaking scenery in the state. During your cruise, you will have the chance to take in its magnificent views, glaciers, and wildlife.

How can you prepare for the weather and outdoor activities on an Alaskan cruise?

  • Invest in warm and waterproof clothing: – Alaska can get chilly and wet, especially during the spring and fall months. Pack an array of clothing that can take you from a day out on the water to a night around a bonfire. Options such as a windbreaker, a warm coat, gloves and waterproof shoes are essential.
  • Pack layers: – Layering your clothing options will help you adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day and regulate your body heat. Consider packing thermal wear, like long johns, for those especially cold days.
  • Include sunglasses and a hat: – Don’t forget to bring both to protect your eyes and face from the sun.
  • Bring your camera: – Don’t forget to capture the beauty and wildlife you’ll see on your cruise. Pack a camera and an extra memory card to save all your photos.
  • Pack plenty of sunscreen: – Alaska can get quite sunny, so make sure to bring sunscreen with a high SPF.
  • Bring waterproof bags: – You’ll want to keep your gear dry if you find yourself caught in the rain. Pack some waterproof bags or a dry bag to help you keep your items dry and safe.

What are some tips for choosing the best Alaska cruise excursions for your interests and budget?

  • Determine: what kind of activities best reflect your interests and preferred style of vacation. Some common ones in Alaska include whale watching, kayaking, ice fishing, helicopter touring, and glacier hikes.
  • Check the reviews: for local excursions offered on the cruise, including how much time the excursions last, what is included in it, and the physical demands of the activity.
  • Research online for independent tours: and activities for the local areas that your Alaska cruise visits.
  • Find out the cost of the excursions upfront: some may offer multiple payment options like pre-paid bundles or a la carte selections.
  • Consider prioritizing: the excursions that fit your budget, then plan the best way to maximize your time during the cruise.
  • Consider booking: an Alaskan cruise during off-season months to find more discounts and deals on excursions.
  • Check if the excursions: are family-friendly and can accommodate a wide-range of ages and physical abilities.
  • Look into any insurance coverage: that may help you reclaim your money if a tour or activity gets canceled due to bad weather or unforeseen events.
  • Look at the safety rating: of an activity or excursion, especially if it includes activities in water, like kayaking or fishing.
  • Finally: research the travel crimes or tourist scams that are common in the area, so you can avoid them and return home safely.

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