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Top 10 Best Cruise Ships to Work for in 2023!

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Top 10 Best Cruise Ships to Work for in 2023

Deciding to pursue a career in the cruise industry can be an exciting goal to achieve. However, finding the right cruise ship to work for can be a break or make situation for you.

Factors such as employee satisfaction, job perks, and opportunities for career growth will all be taken into consideration by aspiring cruise ship crew members.

Top 10 Best Cruise Ships to Work for in 2023
Image Representation: Top 10 Best Cruise Ships to Work for in 2023

  • The Emerald Princess: – She’s packed with luxuries, including a rooftop pool and expansive spa, plus a top-notch staff that’s always friendly and welcoming.
  • The Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas: – This massive ship offers a cutting edge program that lets employees enjoy working on board.
  • Carnival Horizon: – With countless activities for guests and employees, you can look forward to a great experience.
  • Norwegian Epic: – You’ll never get bored with the wide array of amenities that the Epic can offer.
  • Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas: – With its theater, casino, water park and more, you’re sure to find something to love about working on the Oasis.
  • Disney Dream: – You don’t have to be a fan of Disney to appreciate the Dream for its great crew and superior amenities.
  • Celebrity Reflection: – This ship is designed to keep both you and the guests entertained and relaxed.
  • The Seabourn Odyssey: – This luxurious cruiser is the perfect place to work if you love the finer things in life.
  • Cunard Queen Mary 2: – An iconic ship that offers some of the best staff experiences this side of the Atlantic.
  • Viking Sea Star: – This is an elegant ship that offers some of the most advanced amenities in the cruise industry.

Video Representation: Top 10 Best Cruise Ships to Work for in 2023

What are the job requirements for working on a cruise ship, and how can individuals best prepare for these roles?

  • Must be 18 or older: Cruise lines require employees to be 18 or older. Check with specific cruise lines for any additional age requirements.
  • Must have a valid passport: Cruise lines require individuals to have a valid passport. Depending on the cruise line and the cruise destination, a passport may be necessary for all staff or just certain positions.
  • Must have hospitality or related experience: Cruise lines prefer to hire individuals with experience working in hospitality or related fields. Individuals should be prepared to demonstrate their knowledge and experience with customer service, as well as any specialty skills they possess.
  • Flexibility and ability to adjust to a changing work environment: Life onboard a cruise ship can change quickly and without warning. Employees need to be flexible and prepared to adjust to changing environments.
  • Must be able to speak English: Cruise lines require that all staff members be able to communicate in English and usually require specific qualifications in English, such as TOEFL or IELTS certificates.
  • Ability to multi-task: Cruise lines require their staff to be able to multi-task and handle multiple tasks at once.
  • Must be willing to work in shifts: Life onboard a cruise ship often involves working in shifts. Employees should be aware that shifts may change from cruise to cruise, and will be expected to adjust accordingly.
  • Must be able to work in a team: Cruise lines require their staff to be able to work in a team and support each other.
  • Must have excellent customer service skills: Cruise lines emphasize customer service as one of the most important factors of working onboard a cruise ship. Employees should be prepared to show excellent customer service skills and be able to interact with customers in a professional manner.
  • Must have a positive attitude: Cruise lines require their staff to be professional and have a positive attitude. Employees should be prepared to show enthusiasm for their job and be customer-oriented.
  • Physically able to perform duties and responsibilities: Cruise lines require their staff to physically be able to handle their normal job functions and responsibilities. Employees should be prepared to demonstrate their physical aptitude for the job.

What are some unique perks and benefits that the Top 10 Best Cruise Ships to Work for in 2023 offer to their employees?

  • Room and Board: Cruise ships provide their employees with free room and board, so they don't have to worry about housing or meal costs while they work.
  • Competitive Wages: Cruise ships typically offer their employees competitive wages, making them one of the best employers in the industry.
  • Professional Development: Cruise ships usually offer employees the chance to participate in professional development courses or seminars related to their positions, giving them the opportunity to up their skills and improve their professional standings.
  • Onboard Entertainment: Cruise ships often have their own onboard entertainment, giving employees the opportunity to enjoy the different music and shows while they work.
  • Complimentary Travel: Many cruise ships offer employees complimentary travel on the ship, so they can experience the same sights, sounds and delights that their guests do.
  • Employee Discounts: Cruise ships generally provide their employees with discounts on merchandise and services onboard, allowing them to save money on their job.
  • All-Expense-Paid Vacation: Some cruise lines offer their employees all-expense-paid vacations, allowing them the chance to visit different parts of the world, such as Alaska or the Caribbean.
  • Loyalty Bonuses: cruise lines may offer loyalty bonuses or perks to their employees who commit to staying with the line long-term.
  • Multicultural Environment: One of the great things about working on a cruise ship is the chance to work and socialize with people of all cultures and backgrounds.

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