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10 Reasons to Book an Avignon River Cruise in 2023 !

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10 Reasons to Book an Avignon River Cruise in 2023

We all know the struggles of planning a trip can be exciting as well as overwhelming. When it comes to cruising, the options are endless. If you're looking for a unique experience, consider booking an Avignon River Cruise in 2023.

Not only will you get to explore the beautiful French countryside, but you'll also have access to a variety of amenities on board. From delicious cuisine to enriching activities, there are countless reasons why an Avignon River Cruise should be at the top of your travel list.

10 Reasons to Book an Avignon River Cruise in 2023
Image Representation: 10 Reasons to Book an Avignon River Cruise in 2023

  • Enjoy stunning scenery: as you cruise along the Rhone River, passing through striking Provencal landscapes.
  • Sip some of the finest wines: in France while touring Avignon’s celebrated vineyards.
  • Tour the spectacular Palais des Papes: an ancient palatial complex with spectacularly preserved architecture.
  • Explore the majestic 12th century Pont du Gard: the Roman aqueduct that still stands today to this day.
  • Enjoy a relaxing evening in world-renowned Arles: sampling delicious food, drinks and music.
  • Relax aboard: docked at the base of the ancient walls of the Avignon citadel.
  • Visit stunningly beautiful nature preserves: including the stunning Camargue National Park.
  • Get a unique glimpse into the rich history: and culture of Valence, oldest city in France.
  • Feast on exquisite French cuisine: prepared with classic ingredients and flavors.
  • Unwind on the scenic terrace of a riverside chateau: taking in the spectacular views.

Video Representation: 10 Reasons to Book an Avignon River Cruise in 2023

What are the top activities to do on an Avignon River Cruise?

  • Visit the idyllic Provencal villages: on the banks of the Rhone river.
  • Explore the magnificent Avignon Palace: the former see of the great Popes of medieval Europe.
  • Visit the Pont du Gard: the ancient Roman aqueduct and listed UNESCO heritage site.
  • Enjoy a wine-tasting: stopped at one of Cotes du Rhone vineyards.
  • Immerse in the lively atmosphere: of the Avignon Festival, a world-renowned theatre festival.
  • Appreciate the beauty of the Camargue Natural Regional Park: with its pink flamingos and white horses.
  • Bask in the stunning Lavender fields: of Provence while cruising along the river.
  • Discover the awe-inspiring: historically significant Pont Saint-Benezet Bridge in Avignon.
  • Truly indulge in the exquisite: regional Provencal cuisine known for its flavorful fresh produce, olive oils, and cheeses.
  • Appreciate the ancient city: of Arles and its countless art galleries, archaeological sites, and a visit to the unique Van Gogh Walk.

How does an Avignon River Cruise differ from other types of cruises?

  • Enjoy a more intimate experience: Unlike typical cruise lines that transport hundreds of passengers, Avignon river boat cruises offer a much more intimate experience since they use small boats with fewer passengers.
  • Sail past picturesque historical towns: Sit back and enjoy the picturesque views of the French countryside as you sail from one charming town to the next.
  • Enjoy a more leisurely pace: Unlike large ocean cruises, Avignon river boat cruises move at a much slower pace, allowing for time to relax, explore the towns, and enjoy the French culture.
  • Dine on delicious local cuisine: Sample authentic French dishes, such as traditional Cassoulet, at the on-board restaurant searching for true flavors.
  • Spot wildlife from the river banks: Look out for various wildlife like birds, deer, and even bears, as you sail along the banks of the rivers.
  • Enjoy spectacular riverside scenery: Relax and take in the beautiful mountains and rolling hills that line the riverbanks, as you make your way to beautiful local villages where you can stop to explore.

What are the benefits of booking an Avignon River Cruise in advance?

  • Save Money: Booking in advance usually means discounts for early bookers as cruise operators would prefer to fill their ships as early as possible.
  • Get Preferred Cabin: You can choose and reserve the cabin of your preference before someone else does!
  • Personal Preference: Decide which type of cruise you would prefer in advance – accommodation, sightseeing, budget, etc.
  • Get the Best Deals: You can usually get better deals when booking early, rather than leaving it to the last minute.
  • More Affordable Excursions: You can book side trips and excursions following the cruise schedule to benefit from the discounts.
  • No Hassle: With early booking, you can avoid the need to worry about price fluctuations and availability closer to the sailing date.
  • Less Stress: You have time to research and plan your dream cruise in advance, without feeling rushed and anxious.
  • Better Bargains: Cruise operators often offer special deals or promotions to those who book early.
  • Secure your Ticket: Early bookers are sure to gain access to the cruise, as availability may be limited.
  • Avoid Surprises: By doing your research in advance, you can better plan your budget and avoid any last-minute surprises.

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