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When is the Best Time to Go on an Alaska Cruise in 2023? Your Ultimate Guide !

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When is the Best Time to Go on an Alaska Cruise in 2023? Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to cruising, Alaska is a bucket-list destination for many. The dramatic scenery, incredible wildlife, and unique cultural experiences make an Alaska cruise an adventure unlike any other.

But when is the best time to go on an Alaska cruise in 2023? The answer depends on what you want to see and do. In this ultimate guide, we'll explore the options and help you decide when to book your Alaska cruise for the trip of a lifetime.

When is the Best Time to Go on an Alaska Cruise in 2023? Your Ultimate Guide
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  • April: The April climate in Alaska brings out the beauty of the destination as the days begin to lengthen, allowing you to take advantage of more daylight hours for outdoor activities and sightseeing.
  • May: is the ideal month to visit Alaska if you’re looking to see the wildlife and experience the land before the start of the tourist season.
  • July: is the most popular month to go cruising in Alaska and for good reason! This is your best chance to spot whales, and witness sea birds, seals and sea lions at their busiest.
  • August: is a quieter time for cruising in Alaska and the midday sun can reach up to 21 hours per day, providing plenty of time in the evening for outdoor fun.
  • September: is an excellent month for cruising in Alaska as the days still offer plenty of opportunity to view the wildlife and rain shouldn't be an issue.
  • October: Things may start to get more chilly by October but it is still a great month to go cruising in Alaska if you don’t mind the weather. This can be a particularly enchanting month as the days slowly shorten and the wilderness starts to put on its winter garb.

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What are the top activities and excursions to experience on an Alaska cruise?

  • Wildlife Viewing: There's no better way to take in the breathtaking vistas of Alaska than by going out on a zodiac boat and whale watching – or catching a glimpse of seals, sea lions, porpoises, and otters on the shoreline.
  • Glacier Trekking: See the beauty of Alaska's glaciers up close on a guided trek through a geological wonderland. There are a number of excursions and guided hikes in the area – and don't forget a pair of sturdy boots!
  • Dog Sledding: Embark on a traditional Alaskan experience with a ride on a dog sled, pulled by huskies and led by an experienced guide. It's an unforgettable adventure and a unique perspective of the landscape and its inhabitants.
  • Kayaking: Paddle through the calm waters of some of Alaska's fjords and bays, while taking in the stunning views of the glaciers, mountains, and wildlife.
  • Flightseeing: Hop in a plane and take off on an aerial tour of Alaska, experiencing the breathtaking views from the sky.
  • Fishing: Cast your line and try your hand at some of Alaska's world-renowned salmon and halibut fishing. There are plenty of guided trips to choose from – and it's a great way to really embrace your inner fisher-person.
  • Photography Tours: Take advantage of the vast forests, dramatic mountains, and abundant wildlife that Alaska has to offer and go on a guided photo tour of the area. It's the perfect way to capture those unforgettable memories.
  • Shopping: Explore the charming boutiques, craft shops, galleries and souvenir stores in Alaska's many friendly towns. There are exquisite handcrafted items to be found and unique Alaskan souvenirs to take home.

What should you pack for an Alaska cruise to ensure comfort and convenience?

  • Clothing: Long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and jackets, warm socks, puffy jacket, warm hat, and mittens.
  • Shoes: Comfortable walking shoes, water-resistant shoes, and extra pairs of socks
  • Accessories: Scarf, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, and bug spray
  • Technology: Camera, cell phone, laptop/tablet and chargers, pocket wifi hotspot
  • Comfort items: Earplugs, eye mask, pillows, blankets, and portable fan
  • Entertainment: Books, travel games, and playing cards
  • Medications: Prescription medications and painkillers

How can you make the most of your time onboard an Alaska cruise and take advantage of all the amenities and activities available?

  • Relax and take in the stunning views on a sunny day on the deck of the ship.
  • Participate in the daily activities and games onboard the ship.
  • Take advantage of the spa and wellness activities offered onboard.
  • Enjoy onboard entertainment such as live concerts, movies, and comedy shows.
  • Make the most of your destination ports and enjoy shore excursions.
  • Participate in the onboard yoga and fitness classes to stay healthy and active.
  • Experience the delicious dining options offered throughout the cruise.
  • Take part in the onboard shopping and grab some souvenirs to remember your trip.
  • Treat yourself with an indulgent massage or facial at the onboard spa.
  • Enjoy a romantic evening out with your special someone on the deck, overlooking the stunning views.

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