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The Top 5 European River Cruises to Take in 2023 !

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The Top 5 European River Cruises to Take in 2023

If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable way to explore Europe in 2023, consider taking a river cruise. The tranquil waters of Europe's rivers offer a serene and picturesque backdrop as you travel through some of the continent's most stunning landscapes.

In this guide, we'll explore the top 5 European river cruises to take in 2023, from the Danube to the Rhine, and everything in between.

The Top 5 European River Cruises to Take in 2023
Image Representation: The Top 5 European River Cruises to Take in 2023

  • Danube River: Ptuj To Budapest – Experience the beauty and culture of Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria as you cruise along the iconic Danube River.
  • Rhine River: Basel to Amsterdam – See the best of the Rhine from Switzerland to the Netherlands with top sights like the Black Forest and Cologne Cathedral.
  • Volga River: The Moscow Canal and Lake Onega to St. Petersburg – Cruise one of the longest rivers in Europe through the stunning Russian countryside.
  • Rhone River: Lyon to Marseille – Tour the many picturesque villages, rolling countryside and historical sites that line the banks of the Rhone River.
  • Seine River: Honfleur to Paris – Cruise past the stunning scenery and landmarks of some of France’s most iconic regions on this beautiful journey to the City of Lights.

Video Representation: The Top 5 European River Cruises to Take in 2023

How can you choose the right European river cruise itinerary for your interests and preferences?

  • Start by: assessing your interests and preferences. What type of activities are you interested in? Are you more focused on cultural experiences or do you prefer a mix of sightseeing and relaxation?
  • Set a budget: and determine how much time you're able to spend on your cruise. This will help you narrow down your options and choose the right itinerary for you.
  • Find an itinerary: that fits your interests and that visits the places that interest you the most. For example, look out for itineraries that include cities you want to visit or activities you want to experience.
  • Make sure: the activities on the itinerary suit you and that you feel comfortable with the mix of activities and experiences.
  • Consider: the type of accommodation and services that are included. Look for reputable companies that offer a comprehensive service to deliver the best experience.
  • Compare the different options: and make sure you read through the terms and conditions of your selected river cruise holiday.
  • Once you've decided: book your holiday and get ready for an amazing European river cruise experience!

What are some tips for making the most of your time on board a European river cruise ship?

  • Explore the ship’s public spaces: Your ship is likely equipped with plenty of areas to explore and enjoy. Take some time to explore the decks, restaurants and bars. Enjoy the onboard entertainment, attend lectures and demonstrations, and take in the views of the changing landscapes along your route.
  • Relax in the spa and pools: Take time to relax and rejuvenate onboard the cruise ship. Check out the spa services that range from massages to beauty treatments. There are typically also pools, hot tubs and saunas available to enjoy.
  • Visit ports and sights: Be sure to make use of the port stops along your route, taking in the sights and attractions along the way. Don’t be afraid to jump off the ship and explore!
  • Taste the local cuisine: Europe is home to culinary delights of all shapes and sizes. Make sure to try the local cuisine while onboard, and take advantage of the ship’s onboard eateries to sample delicious fare.
  • Attend a formal night: Many European river cruises will include at least one formal night on board. Take the time to dress up and enjoy the opportunity to connect with fellow passengers, exchange experiences and stories, and, most importantly, have fun.
  • Take part in onboard activities: Most river cruise ships will feature activities and events throughout the voyage. These range from art auctions and cooking demonstrations to trivia games and bingo nights.
  • Stay active: Take advantage of the jog tracks, gym classes, and fitness facilities available on the ship. Get out on deck and watch the scenery from a deck chair or take in a sunrise or sunset with a morning or evening stroll.

What are the must-see attractions and landmarks of European river cruises?

  • Cologne Cathedral – Cologne, Germany: The stunning Cologne Cathedral is one of the most awe-inspiring Gothic structures in Europe, located high upon a hillside by the river.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – Paris, France: The beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Paris.
  • The Grand Canal – Venice, Italy: Take a peaceful boat ride along the famous Grand Canal, a winding road made up of hundreds of charming bridges, palaces, and churches.
  • Vltava River – Prague, Czech Republic: The Vltava River runs through Prague, offering breathtaking views of the city's Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture.
  • Charles Bridge – Prague, Czech Republic: Charles Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Prague and is adorned with 30 baroque statues in the form of Apostles.
  • The Danube River – Budapest, Hungary: Take a scenic river cruise through the Danube River and enjoy the picturesque views of the city's 19th century architecture along the way.
  • Ponte Vecchio – Florence, Italy: The iconic Ponte Vecchio is one of the most recognized landmarks in Florence, spanning across the Arno River and lined with shops and markets.
  • Brandenburg Gate – Berlin, Germany: Standing as one of the oldest and most iconic landmarks in the world, the Brandenburg Gate is hard to miss when cruising on the river.
  • Windsor Castle – London, England: As one of the most iconic royal residences, Windsor Castle is a must-see attraction when cruising Europe's rivers.
  • Amsterdam Canals – Amsterdam, Netherlands: Take a relaxing boat ride through Amsterdam's picturesque canals and enjoy the city's unique cultural and architectural charm.

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