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The Best Cruises for Foodies in 2023 !

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The Best Cruises for Foodies in 2023

If you're a foodie and love to travel, a cruise can be the perfect way to indulge in your passions. With top-notch chefs and culinary experiences, the best cruises for foodies in 2023 promise to be unforgettable.

From local cuisine to Michelin-starred restaurants, there's something for every palate on these cruises. In this guide, we'll explore the best cruises for foodies in 2023 and what to expect from these culinary adventures.

The Best Cruises for Foodies in 2023
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  • Allure of the Seas: Global Gourmet Food Cruise – Experience a variety of cuisines from around the world with the best chefs in the industry on board.
  • Norwegian Bliss: Mediterranean Food Cruise – Taste some of the Mediterranean’s most renowned dishes while immersing yourself in some of the fanciest restaurants at sea.
  • MSC Divina: Caribbean Culinary Adventure Cruise – Enjoy flavors from the Caribbean, as well as some of the finest international cuisines, while sailing around the tropics.
  • Aidaperla: Taste of Asia Cruise – Journey across Asia while indulging in traditional and modern culinary delights prepared by star chefs.
  • Oceania Riviera: European Food Cruise – Get to savor the finest of European cuisines, all the while learning more about food from the continent’s diverse cultures.
  • Caribbean Princess: International Food Cruise – Delight in the culinary richness from all corners of the world, from Mexican sensations to Japanese classics.
  • Seabourn Odyssey: Seafood Cruise – Take a specialized cruise dedicated to highlighting the exquisite seafood delicacies from various ports of call around the world.
  • Royal Princess: Culinary Delights Tour – Sample regional delicacies from around the world prepared by chefs trained in the finest culinary schools.
  • Symphony of the Seas: International Food Safari Cruise – Experience cuisines from top-notch restaurants around the globe all while onboard this exclusive foodie adventure.
  • Carnival Vista: Pacific Rim Fusion Tour – Sample tantalizing culinary delights from the Pacific Rim region as far as China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

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How can you make the most of onboard dining options on a foodie cruise?

  • Research the Cuisine: Before you set sail, research the types of cuisine that will be served and tempting onboard dining options. Knowing what you can expect will open the door to a more enjoyable cruise experience.
  • Ask the Waiters and Chefs: As soon as you arrive on the ship, ask the waiters and chefs about their specialties and inside tips. Chances are they’ll be more than happy to give you their best advice for making the most of your onboard dining options.
  • Make Reservations: Make reservations for the specific restaurants you want to enjoy as soon as you arrive. Popular restaurants on the ship can get booked up quickly, so making your reservations right away will guarantee you have the best seats.
  • Take Advantage of Special Events: Many cruise lines have special events like wine tastings, guest chefs, gourmet dinners and more. Find out what events the cruise line will be offering and make use of them.
  • Be Adventurous: Don’t be afraid to try new dishes you might not normally order. You never know what dish might surprise you and become your new favorite.
  • Sample Everything: Take advantage of the opportunity to sample multiple dishes in the same meal. Just make sure you don’t overstuff yourself and leave enough room for dinner.
  • Don’t Forget Dessert: Don’t forget to try out the amazing desserts the onboard chefs will prepare. With so many delicious options, it’s easy to satisfy that sweet tooth.

What are the top destinations to visit for food lovers on a cruise?

  • Sicily, Italy: From pizza and pasta to the freshest seafood, Sicily is a must-visit destination for food lovers looking for a cruise.
  • Barcelona, Spain: Whether it's paella or tapas, Barcelona is a great spot for sampling delicious Spanish dishes.
  • Hawaii: Looking for a tropical experience? Indulge in fresh fruit, poke and other Hawaiian deliciousness on a cruise to Hawaii.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: If you're looking for something a little bit different, check out the global fusion cuisine of Amsterdam for a unique taste sensation.
  • Istanbul, Turkey: The flavors of the Middle East come alive in Istanbul, from char-grilled kebabs to exotic spices.
  • Hong Kong: Experience the full range of Cantonese cuisine in this bustling city, from dim-sum to local seafood dishes.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Rio de Janeiro offers a wide range of flavors, including Brazilian, Portuguese, and African influences.
  • Victoria, Canada: Sample the freshest seafood, including freshly-caught Pacific salmon, in the port of Victoria.

How can you participate in food-related activities and experiences on a foodie cruise?

  • Sample the Local Cuisine: Foodie cruises often offer excursions to shore to experience the local cuisine, from street food vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • Attend Cooking Demonstrations: Learn from top chefs on board or on shore, or take a hands-on approach in a cooking class.
  • Participate in Food-Themed Activities: Take part in food-focused activities, like Wine and Cheese Tastings or Dinner Discussions, where you can explore flavours and discuss traditional and modern takes on shoreline cuisine.
  • Take a Food-Focused Tour: Take a tour of local markets or wineries led by expert food and beverage professionals, or enjoy garden tours that provide an in-depth look at the produce used in local cuisine.
  • Participate in Farm to Table Experiences: Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how local farmers and producers select and grow their food products, and learn how to pair dishes with it.
  • Try Speciality Dining: Try local restaurants or take part in tastings at local wineries. You can also sample the traditional and modern takes on regional cuisine offered in a variety of speciality dining venues on board.
  • Appreciate History and Culture: Learn about the culinary history and culture of each port of call while tasting local food and wine.

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