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Cruising with Kids: The Best Cruise for Families in 2023 !

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Cruising with Kids: The Best Cruise for Families in 2023

Cruising with kids can be an unforgettable family vacation experience for everyone involved. From exciting onboard activities to exploring new destinations, a cruise offers something for everyone.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you find the best cruise for families in 2023? In this guide, we'll explore the top options and what to look for when selecting a family-friendly cruise.

Cruising with Kids: The Best Cruise for Families in 2023
Image Representation: Cruising with Kids: The Best Cruise for Families in 2023

  • Disney Cruise Line: - The iconic favorite of many families, Disney Cruise Line offers a range of route options and entertainment on board to keep all ages happy. 2023 will see the debut of the newest Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Wish.
  • Royal Caribbean: - With some of the most cutting-edge ship designs, Royal Caribbean offers an abundance of activities for children and teens of all ages. Plus, for the smallest family members, there are supervised spaces and organized activities so parents can take a break.
  • Carnival Cruise Line: - Offering incredible onboard programming, dining choices and entertainment, Carnival Cruise Line is the perfect choice for anyone looking for great value and fun. Plus, with their SeaSpeed WiFi, you can stay connected while you’re on board.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: - Kids as young as three can join the programs on board, and Norwegian Cruise Line offers family-friendly entertainment, including Broadway-style shows and adventure activities.
  • Holland America Line: - Shipboard activities are designed to keep teens and families fully entertained and engaged, including swimming, theater shows, night clubs, mini-golf and laser tag.
  • MSC Cruises: - With spacious cabins and a suite of options for activities, this cruise line has a comprehensive range of amenities for the whole family.
  • Costa Cruises: - With themed activities that range from sea sports to mixology workshops and show cooking classes, Costa offers something for everyone. Fun for young and old is guaranteed!
  • Princess Cruise Line: - With Edge and Medallion Class cruising, Princess Cruise Line offers extra convenience and a suite of activities for everyone. Teens can find plenty onboard, from a race car track to a laser tag course and more.

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What are the best onboard activities and amenities for kids on a family cruise?

  • Mini-golf: A classic and fun activity enjoyed by the whole family!
  • Water play areas: A great way to stay cool and have fun on a hot summer day!
  • Live performances: Enjoy daily shows featuring magicians, comedians, dancers, and more!
  • Video arcades: With classic and modern games, even the pickiest of kids will be entertained!
  • Afternoon movies: Days spent inside the theater watching beloved kids movies!
  • Outdoor obstacle courses: Kids can enjoy an extra (and safe) thrill by try out an outdoor obstacle corse!
  • Crafts and build-it activities: Enjoy a great family bonding activity by doing crafts together!
  • Onboard activities: From scavenger hunts to costume parties, there’s something for everyone!
  • Playgrounds: Kids can play and make new friends in the onboard playground.
  • Swimming pools: Relax and have a blast in the heated pools!

How can parents ensure their children's safety and security while on a cruise?

  • Know the layout of your cruise ship: - Before your cruise begins, familiarize yourself with the layout of the cruise ship, the onboard cruise activities, and restaurants.
  • Use photo IDs: - Make sure to have every family member get their own cruise photo ID and carry it with them at all times.
  • Stay in close proximity: - Make sure young children are always with and in sight of an adult. You can set up a check-in system or use a buddy system to stay together.
  • Establish a meeting place: - Establish a meeting place in case someone gets lost, and make sure you tell the cruise staff where you will be.
  • Monitor activities & pools: - Stay alert when your kids are in the pools and other outdoor recreational areas. If a child is too young to swim, make sure an adult is in the water with them. Also, check for life jackets when near water.
  • Set limits on using electronics: - Establish a limit on the amount of time your child is allowed to use electronic devices. This will keep your child from spending too much time playing video games or watching movies and neglecting family time together.
  • Monitor who they’re speaking with: - Make sure you or your older children know who your kids are speaking to when they’re not in the company of an adult.
  • Make sure doors are locked: - Make sure all the doors in your cruise cabin are locked for added safety and security.

What are some tips for planning and organizing a successful family cruise vacation?

  • Research cruise itineraries: Before booking any vacation, it's important to do some research on cruise itineraries so you can find the best route and best price for your family. Consider things like port destinations and the length of the trip.
  • Compare cruise companies: Cruise companies can vary widely in terms of price, amenities, activities, and more. Compare options from different companies to find the one that will provide the most value for your family.
  • Decide on a budget: It’s easy to get carried away when planning a family vacation, so decide on a budget and stick to it! It helps to include the cost of transportation to and from the port, onboard activities, food, and other expenses.
  • Consider the age of your children: Different cruise companies cater to different age groups, so consider your children’s ages when making your choice. Some offer special age-appropriate activities that could make the vacation more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Book excursions ahead of time: Some popular excursions and activities can sell out quickly, so book as soon as possible to ensure that you get the ones you want.
  • Take advantage of on-board deals: Cruise companies are well aware that travelers often want to indulge while on vacation, so they often offer great deals on food, drinks, spa services, and more. Be sure to take advantage of these!
  • Bring families together: A family cruise vacation is a great opportunity for your family to bond and spend quality time together. Make sure to plan activities both on- and off-board that everyone can be a part of.
  • Keep safety in mind: When planning activities, be sure to research safety information for each destination and activity as well as practice basic water safety.
  • Pack for success: Don't leave packing for the last minute. Make a list in advance and make sure to pack everything you need and nothing you don't.

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