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10 Reasons Why a Panama Canal Cruise Should be on Your Bucket List for 2023 !

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10 Reasons Why a Panama Canal Cruise Should be on Your Bucket List for 2023

If you're an avid traveler looking for a new and exciting adventure, a Panama Canal cruise should be on your bucket list for 2023. This incredible feat of engineering connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, offering breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences along the way.

With so much to see and do, a Panama Canal cruise is an adventure like no other. In this guide, we'll explore 10 reasons why you should consider a Panama Canal cruise for your next vacation.

10 Reasons Why a Panama Canal Cruise Should be on Your Bucket List for 2023
Image Representation: 10 Reasons Why a Panama Canal Cruise Should be on Your Bucket List for 2023

  • Get up close to history: – Explore the Canal’s strategic importance to the world, from its construction more than a century ago to its current operations.
  • Unparalleled natural beauty: – Get a bird’s-eye view of the lush tropical surroundings and magnificent wildlife.
  • Unique cultural experiences: – Observe the everyday life and folklore of the local inhabitants throughout the country.
  • Get away from it all: – Enjoy some peace and quiet as you sail along the lovely, calm waters of the Panama Canal.
  • Spectacular views: – Admire the dramatic cliffs, towering mountains, and crystal waters from the comfort of your ship
  • Stop in Portobelo: – Take in the past of this former Spanish colonial port city, which was once a major trading city for the Spanish Empire.
  • Stop in Panama: – Explore the vibrant city of Panama and its many hotspots, such as the ruins of Panama Viejo and the picturesque Casco Viejo.
  • Enjoy local cuisine: – Enjoy numerous local dishes, as well as an array of pan-American flavors from Panama, Colombia, and Costa Rica.
  • Visit Gatun Lake: – Explore the iconic man-made lake, created to fill the locks of the Panama Canal.
  • Sail through the engineering marvel: – Traverse the famed canal, with its intricate locks and impressive bridges, taking in the sights of the Channel.

Video Representation: 10 Reasons Why a Panama Canal Cruise Should be on Your Bucket List for 2023

What are the must-see destinations along a Panama Canal cruise?

  • Panama City: Known for its cobblestone streets and Spanish colonial charm, explore the many sights of the historic old city.
  • Gatun Lake: Enjoy the beauty of crystal-clear waters that reflect the surrounding rainforest in this magnificent ecosystem.
  • Fort San Lorenzo: Walk in the footsteps of a bygone era, this ancient fort is a must-see for history buffs.
  • Embera Indian Village: Experience a traditional indigenous community, learn about their culture and customs.
  • Miraflores Locks: Watch giant ships move from one ocean to the other at the world-renowned locks.
  • Portobelo Bay: Explore the ruins of colonial buildings and learn the fascinating history of the region.
  • Barro Colorado Island: Take a day tour of this renowned island and observe the spectacular wildlife.
  • Boca del Toro: Relax on some of the Caribbean's most pristine beaches, and explore the deep blue sea.

How can you make the most of your time on board during a Panama Canal cruise?

  • Take advantage of local excursions: Panama Canal cruises usually offer a variety of shore excursions that will allow you to explore the destination and get the most out of your time on board.
  • Learn about the local wildlife: While on board, take the time to learn about the local wildlife and its history. This will give you a better appreciation for the country’s ecosystem and its inhabitants.
  • Attend cultural activities: Many ships offer onboard cultural activities such as salsa dancing lessons, traditional Panamanian cooking classes, and craft demonstrations.
  • Make the most of on-ship facilities: Take advantage of the various on board amenities such as the spa, gym, and pool to unwind or stay active during your cruise.
  • Sample the local cuisine: Make sure to sample the local cuisine offered on board such as ceviche, sancocho, or patacones. It’s a great way to get a taste of the culture before you reach your destination.
  • Enjoy some relaxation time: Whether it’s soaking in the hot tub, reading a book on the top deck, or admiring the views, make sure to take the time to slow down and enjoy the journey.

What are the best shore excursions to take during a Panama Canal cruise?

  • Take a Sightseeing Tour of Panama City: Take in the city's magnificent architecture, stroll through the old town, and stay for the vibrant nightlife.
  • Visit the Miraflores Locks: Witness the Panama Canal in action as you learn about its history and engineering achievements.
  • Dive into Popa Island: Sail to Popa Island and enjoy a wide range of activities like snorkeling and kayaking.
  • Climb the Chagres National Park: Trek through the rainforest to beautiful waterfalls and the ruins of Fort San Lorenzo.
  • Unwind in the Beach Town of Coronado: Take a break from sightseeing and relax on the beach or explore the local restaurants and shops.
  • Cruise the Panama Canal: Get an up close look at the iconic engineering marvel as you cruise the locks and waterways.
  • Go River Rafting on the Chagres River: Enjoy a thrilling ride through the rapids and take in the stunning rainforest scenery.
  • Tour the Embera Indigenous Community: Explore traditional Embera villages and discover their way of life.
  • Visit Monkey Island: Visit this lush sanctuary in Amador and observe the island’s troops of Capuchin monkeys.
  • Visit the Panama Railway: Take a ride on the original railway that connected the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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